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Parbat aus Italien

Ultraleichtrucksäcke ausgezeichnet
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AirDesign Trail 24 Rucksack

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Neu bei Flyce: Parbat aus Italien

Ultraleichtrucksäcke ausgezeichnet mit dem ISPO Award
Zum Parbat Shop
AirDesign Trail 24 Rucksack

Trail 24 – mehr braucht’s nicht

Der Neue und Kleinste aus der AirDesign Trailrucksack Serie
Zum AirDesign Trail 24
Flyce Ultimate Direction Fastpack Rucksack

Pack Light – Be Fast

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Julbo Monterosa 2 - Grau/Hellgrün, Spectron 3 Sonnenbrille


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  • Julbo CyriusJulbo Cyrius
    Riesiger Sehwinkel und selbsttönende Scheibe

    Julbo Cyrius

    199,95  219,95 
  • Julbo Ultimate Cover - Blau/Dunkelblau, Spectron 3 SonnenbrilleJulbo Ultimate Cover - Blau/Dunkelblau, Spectron 3 Sonnenbrille
    Performance-Sonnenbrille für den Bergsport

    Julbo Ultimate Cover

    149,95  229,95 
    Fluo Orange Glänzend/Schwarz
    Braun/Dunkles Kastanienbraun
    Schwarz/Fluo Orange Matt
  • Julbo Rush - Schwarz/Rot, REACTIV 0-3 SonnenbrilleJulbo Rush - Schwarz/Rot, REACTIV 0-3
    Sonnenbrille für Geschwindigkeitssport

    Julbo Rush

    124,95  209,95 
    Fluo Orange/Schwarz
  • Julbo Monterosa 2 - Grau/Hellgrün, Spectron 3 SonnenbrilleJulbo Monterosa 2 - Grau/Hellgrün, Spectron 3
    Damen-Sonnenbrille fürs Gebirge

    Julbo Monterosa 2

    94,95  184,95 
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AirDesign Trail 55 + 70 Rucksack
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Kortel SAK III Rucksack / Airbag (für Kruyer III)
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  • Kortel Sak K17 RucksackKortel Sak K17 Rucksack
    Kleiner, leichter Run & Fly Rucksack

    Kortel Sak K17

  • Kortel Kolibri Rucksack K27Kortel Kolibri Rucksack K27
    Superleichter Westenrucksack für Hike/Run & Fly

    Kortel Sak K27

  • Nova X-PACK 50 RucksackNova X-PACK 50 Rucksack
    Ultraleicht, komfortabel, mit Wettkampfgenen

    Nova X-PACK 50

  • Parbat A8M 60 Liter RucksackParbat A8M 60 Liter Rucksack
    Der größte UL-Rucksack direkt aus Italien

    Parbat A8M 60 Liter


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  • AirDesign Soar GleitschirmAirDesign Soar Gleitschirm
    Von Wolke zu Wolke – superleichter XC-Schirm

    AirDesign Soar

  • AirDesign UFO 2 GleitschirmAirDesign UFO 2 Gleitschirm
    Vorne Double-, hinten Singleskin – der neue Hybrid

    AirDesign Ufo 2

    Flash Red
    Yoda Green
    R2-D Blue
  • AirDesign Le Slip Airbag GurtzeugAirDesign Le Slip Airbag Gurtzeug
    Safety First – optionaler Schutz für’s Le Slip 1

    AirDesign Le Slip Airbag

  • AirDesign Ultra-light speedbar BeschleunigerAirDesign Ultra-light speedbar Beschleuniger
    Superleichter Beschleuniger für viele Gurtzeuge

    AirDesign Ultra-light speedbar


Today, we want to introduce you to UP. Alongside Martin at @airdesign_gliders, Robert at @novaparagliders, and Claude at, David is our first contact at @upparagliders. Like Martin, Robert, and Claude, we were able to quickly get @davidflyjung excited about our project and the concept of Flyce with our presentation. After a brief discussion with the UP team, he agreed to collaborate with us.

David may not have been as difficult to convince, as he has been flying since 2007 and, in addition to XC flying, is also an enthusiastic #hikeandfly pilot who enjoys going on tours with occasional companions and a tandem wing.

David works closely with the R&D department and the rest of the UP team, making him the perfect link between the manufacturer and us customers. As he knows both sides, he always strives for a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

UP has a long history and is the oldest company in the free flight market, having begun in 1972 with hang gliding in the crazy seventies. In the 90s, the production of paragliders was added. After some restructuring and changes within the company, UP came to Germany, starting a new era. Since then, many well-known paraglider pilots and professionals have been involved in the development of the products, with passive safety always being a key component. And it still is, as UP wants to share the passion with as many pilots as possible while keeping safety at the forefront without sacrificing performance. This is evident in products like the Mana 2, an ultra-light all-rounder with an LTF A certification!

Anyway, thank you, Daniel, for your trust in us and Flyce! It's fun working with you, and we look forward to continuing our good collaboration with you and UP!
3 6 5 D A Y S 

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 1st anniversary today! It has been an incredible year for @flyceofficial, and we couldn't have done it without your continued support.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for choosing us as your go-to destination for high-quality #hikeandfly equipment and accessories. Your trust in us and our products means everything to us, and we promise to continue providing you with the best possible experience.

We have come a long way since we started, and we are proud of the progress we have made in establishing a reputable and reliable online shop. As we look forward to the future, we are excited to continue to grow, innovate, and provide you with even more options to enhance your #paragliding adventures.

To our business partners, we want to express our gratitude for your collaboration and support. Your contributions have helped us create a diverse and robust selection of products, and we value the relationships we have built with you.

Thank you again for your support and for being a part of the Flyce community. Here's to many more years of flying high together!

Hike Up. Fly Further.

Marius👊, Tobi🤘 and Volker✌️

Today we introduce you to @fly.neo from France and therefore also Claude – despite the French name not from France 😎 – but responsible for international sales and accordingly our first point of contact for a possible collaboration.

Claude was also one of the first people we asked in the middle of the lockdown, as we really wanted to feature several of the Neo products in our store.

Besides the very stylish harnesses (yes, that's where the designer in me comes out 😏), we also find the backpacks very interesting. Especially because Neo is the only manufacturer so far that besides the "classic" unisex paragliding backpacks, which are always optimized for the male body, also design and produce special women backpacks.

The Women Lite Bags are especially for the female pilots among you a possible purchase argument, because only here you get paragliding backpacks that are perfectly designed for the female anatomy.

Another fact about Neo is that they opted for local manufacturing right from the start. This means that not only the design and development of the products takes place here in Europe, but also most of the products are made directly in France by the skilled hands of their tailors. Also most of the materials come from Europe and the transport distances from production to delivery are kept as low as possible – we think that's great and fits perfectly with our philosophy. 

But back to Claude. After a first friendly video call including our Flyce presentation and the quite positive feedback from her we met personally with negative Corona test results at our place in Miesbach.

Claude came with her fully packed sales van and showed us all the products relevant for Hike & Fly. She patiently explained all the details and special features to us and Tobi took a very close look at each product. We were also able to try out all the harnesses so that we could get our own impression of the available sizes and their comfort.

We are proud that we could win another great and sustainable partner for Flyce with Claude and Neo and are happy to be able to show and recommend the products to you.

Thanks Claude.
Thanks Neo.
Here's to a successful cooperation!
N O V A 

The next brand we want to introduce to you today, we actually wouldn't have to, because @novaparagliders is a well-known veteran in the #paragliding industry. 

Since 1989 Nova has been a major contributor to paragliding history. With many inventions and popular gliders that now have partly cult status, Nova has enriched the paragliding scene. 

But it's not the brand that makes the company so special, it's the people behind it. Robert Kleinhans, Sales Manager for Germany, was our first contact with the Nova team. We met Robert in the middle of the lockdown via video call and instantly hit it off with him. He was very accommodating and immediately offered us his and Nova's support for our project. 

Of course we felt really honored that Nova, as one of the original paragliding pioneers, understands our maybe for some people too contemporary and naive approach and is nevertheless willing to work with us. 

Nova’s mission: „Your pleasure is our motivation“ no matter if you are a recreational pilot, a cross-country pilot, an acro ace or in our case a #hikeandfly enthusiast, is really what you can fell if you have any contact with Nova and we are sure they have the right products for you. Besides the #Bantam mini wing and the #Montis harness for the absolute para-mountaineers, we also have the minimalist #Doubleskin and the classic #Ion6light (which is currently Tobi's glider of choice) in our lineup. The new hybrid 2.5-liner #Mentor7light and the #xalps weapon #Xenon cannot be missing either. Other Hike & Fly harnesses, parachutes and accessories can of course also be found in our store. 

We are very happy to have Nova on board and are able to pleasure you with the current but also future masterpieces they create and develop.

Thank you Robert.
Thank you Nova.
Here's to a successful cooperation!

Starting today we will introduce you to our brands that we have at Flyce so far. Why did we choose this brand? Which products do we think are interesting for Hike & Fly? What exciting things have happened? Just a little insight into what has happened so far.

Let's start with @airdesign_gliders from Austria. They were one of the first brands we contacted and who answered us immediately and listened to our presentation during a first video call. 

Martin, the founder and CEO of AirDesign, immediately understood our concept and what was new about it. He gave us more than just courage to start with #Flyce and invited us just a few days later to Absam near Innsbruck into their headquarters. 

True to their company motto "Break your own rules", Martin decided pretty quickly to support us as one of their dealers, even though we are not a classic flight school with which they have worked exclusively so far – he simply trusts us and our idea 🙏 

Martin found it exciting that in the already niche sport of #paragliding we want to specialize only in the area of #hikeandfly. And that we also want to offer only those products of his brand that make sense for Hike & Fly pilots, so that they can get a more professional advice and selection from us.

AirDesign's philosophy is to do things differently. Dare to do something new, even though everyone says it can't be done. But also the light and yet powerful products like the classic #SuSi3 or the new #Volt4 and the harness with the probably funniest name #LeSlip are just a few reasons why we are very happy to represent #AirDesign in our store and especially to you. We think it’s a great fit!

Thank you Martin.
Thank you AirDesign.
Here's to a successful cooperation!

Wow, we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received from you guys the last couple days!

Thanks for all the ❤️ likes, calls and messages you have given us! 

We also deeply want to thank all the great people who have joined our journey so far. Who were listening to our ideas and understanding the concept, who were believing in our dream and giving us their trust, who were supporting us in any possible way and always pushing us to keep going. So thank you again – you know who you are! Without you we would never have come this far.

Last but not least we want to thank the great people behind the brands, manufactures and companies which welcomed us openly into their paragliding world and letting us represent their products at Flyce! We really look forward to working with you in the long term, always with fair play, like true sportsmen do. 

#thanks #merci #danke 🙏 
Marius, Tobi and Volker

We have finally reached a major milestone … is online 😅

After many hours of work day and night we managed to (soft) #launch our website. 

We hope that you will visit us and enjoy the results of our work over the last months 🤞

At this time, unfortunately, only in German language #sorry

Of course, the work doesn't stop here. We will continue to work on our mission to deliver you the #flycest results. 

Feel free to send us any feedback. We are excited about every message from you. 

And now have a look: Link in bio ☝️
H I K E F L Y H I K E 

Sometimes not everything goes as planned – then you should just accept the new situation, adjust yourself and go for it.

Last Friday I was able to achieve another of my (small) personal paragliding goals – well almost – after a nice hike and an exciting flight I ran out of altitude just before getting back to the landing site. So I had to make an outlanding and hike back to my car for 30 minutes. But I was still super happy with my flight and focused on the positive moment – and of course my PB flight 🤩Woohoo! 

Also during our company foundation there were some unplanned and unexpected situations that challenged us again and again. And we weren't able to make our planned precision landing, but we're still super happy with what we've accomplished so far. Currently, we're on our "30-minute-walk-back-to-the-car" – which means we're almost there and ready to launch our website. 

But there are still a few things here and there that we need to work on, and of course the work does not stop after going live – but we look forward to showing you our next milestone as soon as possible.

Until then happy landings (even if unplanned) and of course some nice airtime!

„Hoch die Hände Wochenende“ 🙌

We wish you a happy and most of all safe weekend in these crazy times!

[ f l a ɪ s ]

Today we want to share with you how we came up with our #brand name and what it stands for.

To do this, we have to backtrack a little … 

Since we dared our first flight attempts we have been infected with the #paragliding virus. The feeling of taking off, moving in the air in harmony with the wind and arriving back at the landing field safely at the end of the flight is simply outstanding – but you all know that yourself!

How often did we hug each other (pre-COVID 😷) just after a short glide, or 3 hours of soaring, or our first little FAI triangles – we were always so stoked.

This (life) feeling is also one of the reasons why we founded the company and we wanted to express this with our name.

"It flies" as you may know is a slang term for "if something is very cool, amazing and awesome", which is exactly what we feel when we fly.

#Flying is just nice! Isn’t it?

And out of "Fly" and "Nice" it quickly became "Flyce" 🎉

Fortunately, we found out that our made-up word is already used elsewhere. And yes, it even has its own entry in the Urban Dictionary:

"Flyce = Fly + Nice, but on another level. Only used for the flyest, nicest things imaginable." 

So here we go, #Flyce it is. What do you think about it? Do you know that "Flyce" feeling, too? 

Here is a little fun fact for our german speaking community: 

Flyce wird ausgesprochen wie „Fleiß“ – perfekt oder? Denn ohne Fleiß (Hike), kein Flug (Fly) ✌️😅

Starting a business requires good preparation, just like paragliding. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a bloody noob or an advanced 7-time #xalps champion – always have the right respect for flying!

Prepare yourself mentally and physically before you take off. Check the weather. Know the area. What kind of flight do you want to achieve? Also check your equipment before each flight and make sure everything is working properly. Remember and go over the #5pointcheck system we all have learned once:

1. Buckles, helmet, harness, carabiner closed?
2. Lines, risers, speed bar free?
3. Leading edge open, glider ok?
4. Wind direction and speed ok?
5. Air and start space free?

Hey, even the #goat of our sport #chrigeltheeagle uses this system, in addition with a few more points on his list (written on his right glove): 

6. Goal
7. Feeling
8. Ressources
9. Plan
10. Best/Worst

So #preparation is the key. That’s why we’re still working hard on our business before #Flyce finally can go live. Right now we have a lot of small administrative work to do. Talking to manufacturers to find you the best and most suitable products. Implementing them into our store. Design. Text. Code. Also get in touch with pro paragliders to discuss and plan some great workshops. But it is exciting and we are really thrilled about it – just like before take-off when we are going to fly 🪂

So stay tuned and look forward to what’s next!

„Machen ist wie wollen, nur krasser!“

Today we are excited to announce the establishment of our new company called Flyce! 

At Flyce everything will revolve around #hikeandfly from selected products, to useful knowledge, to unforgettable experiences. We have made it our goal to provide you with only the best – from pilots for pilots.

So stay tuned and look forward to what’s to come next!

#weddingday #22222 #zweiundzwanzigsterzweiterzweiundzwanzig 🍾

Today will be a big day for @flyceofficial 🤞

#hikeandfly #paragliding #parapente #paraglider #gleitschirm #gleitschirmfliegen #paraglidinglife #paraglidinglove #hike #fly #wanderlust #mountains
#alps #outdoor #love #flying #adventure #sport
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